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Snow Pea Seeds

Snow Pea Seeds
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Snow Pea Seeds

Snow pea sprouts are delicate, lush green shoots. They perfectly compliment salads, sandwiches and stir-fry’s. These pea shoots can help provide additional nutrition in any diet.

Snow Pea Sprouts Nutrition

Snow pea sprouts are high in essential nutrients, including:

·         Protein

·         Calcium

·         Vitamin A

·         Folate

How to Sprout Snow Peas

Snow pea sprouts are usually “shoots” and are planted in soil. They can be harvested as soon as you like after coming up. They may be grown in trays inside or outdoors. Our snow pea seeds can also be grown into full plants. If you would like to harvest pea pods, it’s recommended that you plant outdoors to enable pollination.

Snow Pea Seed Statistics

·         Shelf life of the seed at room temperature (70°): 4-5 years

·         Time from seed to sprout: 10-14 days

·         Shelf life of the sprout: 4-6 weeks

·         Average Yield: 1 to 1


USDA Nutrient Data

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